Law Requirements For # of Employees




Affirmative Action X
Alcohol/Drug X X
Americans with Disabilities (ADA) X X X
COBRA (health) Insurance Continuation X X X
Child Labor X X X
Disability Insurance X X X
Discrimination & Foreign Workers Discrimination Laws (State) X X X
Domestic Violence X X X
Employee Safety X X X
Family & Medical Leave (FMLA & CRFA) X X X
Illiteracy X X
Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA) X X X
Independent Contractors X X X
Mandatory 2-Hour Supervisor Sexual Harassment Training X X X
Mandatory Sick Leave Law X X X
Military Service/USERRA X X X
New Employee Reporting X X X
Paid Family Leave X X X
Posters & Notices X X X
Pregnancy Disability Laws X X X
Privacy X X X
School Activities X X X
Sexual Harassment X X X
Smoking in the Workplace X X X
Time Off X X X
Unemployment Insurance X X X
Volunteer Firefighters X
Wages & Hours X X X
Workers Compensation X X X