Human Resources

Human Resources

We work with you to ensure you are compliant with new employee paperwork, ongoing documentation, and disciplinary actions, and we provide consultation when responding to employment issues.

*All services are provided in English and Spanish

Our custom package includes:

  • Create and maintain employee packet to bring your business into compliance
  • Coordinate new hire on-boarding process
  • Consultation regarding employee disciplinary actions
  • Review wage compliance
  • Review and address legal forms that arise within services
  • Supply all required state and federal postings annually
  • Provide updates and guidance to legal changes that may impact your business

How we can help

Human resources is one of the most critical departments of every business. From the hiring process through legal and business issues of employment to the state and federal agencies’ required paperwork, the human resource department bears a tireless role in your business’ success.

Most companies cannot afford to hire a sufficient number of workers to handle the broad spectrum of issues for which the human resource department is responsible. It is becoming more challenging to anticipate when and how much work your human resources teams will have to do, making planning difficult and stressful.

You can eliminate this stress by outsourcing your HR problems to HR Mobile Services, Inc. We offer a hands-on approach to help your company run smoothly by reviewing your present employee documents and making recommendations to protect your company as we advance.

We make it easy for you

Employee handbooks and policies need to be written clearly and concisely so your employees understand the rules and regulations of the company and can work within the parameters of the policies created. If you need new policies designed, require new hire orientation training, employee handbooks, or EDD claims assistance, we are there to support you. We will spell out your options, give you the advantage of our decades of business experience, and help you make intelligent decisions about your business and employees.

We approach complicated situations with the same amount of attention. Terminations are often difficult and can become very messy if not handled properly. Proper handling of warnings and terminations can help reduce your EDD unemployment costs, turnover, and litigation exposure. For this reason, you should let our professionals guide you through the paperwork, disciplinary warnings, and the employee’s termination. We will make sure you have peace of mind in the end.

Remember, if you are an HR Mobile Services, Inc. customer, we are there when you need us 24/7, every day of the year.

Industries We Serve

We are available when you need us 24/7, every day of the year.









Auto Repair

Water Districts


Financial Institutions


Insurance Companies


and more…

Understanding the unique challenges and regulations of each industry allows us to tailor our services and provide effective solutions that meet the specific needs of our clients. By serving a wide range of industries, HR Mobile Services can bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our clients, helping them to overcome their HR challenges and achieve their goals.

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