Deadly wildfires, the reemergence of COVID-19, and the ongoing presence of on-the-job dangers…no matter how you look at it, employees are at risk. HR Mobile Services, Inc. provides an Emergency Action Plan for our clients to ensure that they have security in knowing that they are compliant. Still, it’s essential to be sure that your employees understand potential work hazards in case of an emergency.

For any employers unfamiliar with the Emergency Action Plan, it is a program required by OSHA standards to help facilitate and organize employee actions during workplace emergencies. As mentioned before, HR Mobile Services, Inc. provides an Emergency Action Plan for our clients for their use. But whether there is one in place or not, a clear and direct strategy on how to respond to emergencies is essential. Review your information and be sure that your employees are trained on how to react. Ensure that all employees have gone through the proper onboarding process and have provided emergency contact information to be accounted for in case of separation during an evacuation. If you have employees certified in life-saving procedures like CPR, that information needs to be documented as well.

If there is any damage to your property or equipment after a natural disaster or other crisis, preserving the scene is crucial. Make sure to take as many pictures and avoid disturbing the area or potential debris as much as possible. Details that seem as trivial as the time of day could be vital, especially if an employee injury occurred in the process. A disorganized effort could be costly.

In situations involving COVID-19, it’s vital to identify if a case originated at work and if they’ve been in contact with other individuals in the workplace. If a positive case is determined, get in touch with us on the next steps. Make sure to gather dates and times on when and where the person was exposed.

Whether it’s injury, emergency, or illness, we are here for our clients when they need us. Get in contact with HR Mobile Services, Inc. for any Safety & Health-related questions and reach out to the Claims Management Team about any workplace injuries you may require assistance with at 877-734-7677.

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